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03 December 2010 @ 11:22 pm
Rule 10 got sad and left because nobody posts here anymore.  

Name/Nickname: Brendan
Age: 23 (August 1st 1987)
Gender: Male

Likes: Anime, sleeping (I usually take one or two naps a day... yeah, guess I know how I'm going to answer the question about energy level), reading, writing, videogames. My favorite anime is School Days (The icon I'm using is from 11eyes - far from reaching my favorites list, but I do love the art style and think Yuka's an interesting character), and though I don't do much gaming anymore I've always been a fan of RPGs. Persona 3 and 4 are my favorites in the JRPG category, I hope Persona 5 follows in the same vein. Christmas is my favorite holiday, watermelon's my favorite food and I don't ever get tired of vanilla milkshakes. January, February, September, and December are my favorite months (With December being the absolute favorite of those four, I love the Christmas season), and... yeah, I think that's enough random factoids for now.

Dislikes: (I'm spacing these paragraphs out because I talk too much and don't want everyone's eyes to bleed, sry) I don't tend to like groups that much, I prefer the calm and intimacy of speaking with people one-on-one. I don't like being woken up (I actually am a morning person whenever I get a full night's sleep and wake up by myself, the early morning's a comfortable time for me but only when I get enough sleep). I don't like late afternoon or late evening, my mood tends to drop around 4-8. I don't like Thanksgiving or April Fools Day, everyone becomes obnoxious on April Fools and any holiday that boils down to just a run-of-the-mill dinner is pretty lame. I hate taking pictures because I'm really unphotogenic. Butter milk's the worst drink ever, and I think most any kind of meat is dry and bland unless it's smothered with ketchup or A1.

Pet Peeves/Fears: I've gotten very mildly better, but I'm fucking terrified of spiders. Back in May a spider almost dropped down from a web onto me while I was messing around on the computer, and I still look up at the ceiling every hour or two to make sure it's spider-free. That's honestly the only major phobia that comes to mind... as for pet peeves, I'm an irritable enough person that a lot of things annoy, but a few things that come to mind are people who talk through movies (I think it's fun whenever people make jokes during movies and MST3K it, it's just actual extended conversation I don't like), people that get absorbed into phone calls when they're supposed to be spending time with you (Turn your fucking phone off, god damn), people that talk about others behind their back (I can excuse it sometimes if the person's genuinely hurt and bitter about something, but I generally don't like talking badly of others when they're not around)... I could probably go on past whatever character limit LiveJournal uses for journal entries.

Hobbies/Talents I've mentioned my hobbies beforehand, but as for talents... yeah, I'm almost completely without any of those. I'm not athletic, and my artistic or musical abilities haven't improved any since second gradeish. I'm a decent writer, though, and I'm apparently adept at learning new languages. I'm looking into starting up Tennis or Badminton, maybe I'll be decent at that.

Strong points: Strong points... I'm generally a friendly and inoffensive person, for starters. I read people well, I usually understand what a person's trying to say even if they don't articulate themselves properly and think it's easy to detect jokes and sarcasm online despite the general opinion stating otherwise. I'm also decent at analyzing others. I'm reliable; I'm usually a Type B personality, but I can turn into more of a Type A when there's something that needs to be done ("The earlier I start and the less breaks I take, the sooner I can get finished" is a philosophy I use much of the time). I'm mostly forgiving and have a good record for trying to patch up strained relationships so that things can go back to normal, and I'm never closed to the idea of talking things out if the other party wants to be the one to fix things. I'm loyal, with any particular group I'm usually one of the last to leave (There's a couple of dead message boards that I still visit even though they've been extremely inactive for years just to see if anyone ever comes back), and I can go to great lengths to help friends and family whenever they need help. I'm extremely competitive and can get really hyped up during any kind of game or competition, though I dunno whether that really qualifies as a good point or not.
Weak points: I'm trusting to a fault; I don't think anyone's ever tried to deceive me and failed. If you tell me something in a genuine and honest tone of voice, there's a 99 percent chance that I'll believe you. I rarely voice disagreements with anyone that I have a friendly relationship with because I don't want to lose any of their approval. I'm a very easygoing and docile person in general, but I can become extremely vindictive when hurt; one girl I know stopped talking to me for a year because of an argument we had, I have to try and keep my temper under control sometimes because I know I can hit below the belt when lashing out. I'm not that good at displaying strong emotion. If someone needs help with something I'm good at giving advice and being supportive, but it's hard for me to give more emotionally charged feedback, the "You're my friend and I care about you! ^_^" type stuff. I'm a lot more comfortable with being pressed for the "Hey, what should I do about this problem?" kind of support than the "My mom and dad just died in a car crash, comfort me plz" type. Offline I'm quiet and I can easily become sulky and moody when offended or ignored. I'm a dreamer/optimistic to the point of being unrealistic sometimes, and have grand plans and daydreams for pretty much every new endeavor I undertake (Which of course usually don't true).

::This or that
Mature or Immature?: Can I plead the fifth on this one? I'm not really sure how to answer. I usually handle things maturely enough, I'm not that prone to outwardly behaving or acting immaturely, but emotionally I have a lot of maturing to do in more ways than one... or ten.
Leader or Follower?: I enjoy being a leader and I think I make a good one, but I usually go for being a follower unless the role of leader's forced upon me.
Outgoing or Shy?: Shy, though I'm working on that.
Confident or Modest?: My self-esteem's shaky, but I'm not exactly modest; I'm honest about myself and have no trouble giving credit where I think it's due. Any kind of success or positive attention can easily go to my head, though, then I'll try to downplay myself because I get nervous that karma will kick in if I get too arrogant.
Optimistic, Pessimistic, and/or Realist?: Mild optimist. I try to find the silver lining with everything to the point of being kind of dumb and unrealistic sometimes, but I'm not delusional enough to completely ignore reality. My optimism usually has a basis in truth.
Low, medium, or high energy level?: Medium. A lot of people would think low because I have a subdued personality, but I don't tire out that easily.
Listener or Speaker?: Listener. In conversations I ask a lot of questions, and it's rare for me to go on long monologues or tell long stories.
Impulsive or Cautious?: Impulsive, maybe. I know that whenever there's something I want, I tend to go straight for it and it's up to others to tell me that I'm being unrealistic or impractical or moving too fast.
Playful or Serious?: I think I'm playful for the most part; I probably seem more serious in questionnaires like these than I actually am, since I do take these seriously.

:: Inside SEES
You were leading a very normal life until, all of a sudden, you find out about Shadows, Personas, the Dark Hour and the evokers! What is your reaction?: Hmm... well, the mood at some of those SEES meetings is so stern and professional that I would have a hard time writing the whole thing off as some prank (I would think that Mitsuru and the rest genuinely believed what they were saying), but the whole premise of Persona 3 is so fantastical that I'd have trouble believing them until I saw some of what they were talking about with my own eyes. I doubt I'd show much outward disbelief, but I'd be skeptical until I was shown proof of what they were talking about.
SEES explain to you how to evoke a Persona. How do you react?: I'd ask them why evokers are in the shape of a gun. I'd probably believe Mitsuru if she told me the story (That they were designed to appeal to a junior high Akihiko), though come my first Shadow battle I might wait until someone else uses their evoker just to make sure.
Would you join SEES? If so, what made you join them?: Sure. The first night I'd probably be too stunned to decide, but I think I would join in the end. SEES is a small group so it would probably feel like a duty to help out, and I can relate to Junpei's desires for glory and herodom. Yukari's also my favorite Persona 3 girl and I'd want to get her S. Link to 10 fast as possible.

Goals in life: My goals in life are simple, I just want to get married and have a nice job that I enjoy. Being with someone that I love is honestly the only thing I need to be happy. I don't know if I want children or not, it's a nice thought but kids are a heavy 18+ year burden responsibility and I'm not even sure I'd make a good father.
Favorite quote & why: Favorite quotes? I'm drawing a blank, I'll just do my favorite Persona 3 quotes instead.

Yukari: It wasn't like yours... it was something I promised myself while holding his cold hand... (I think Michelle Ruff did an awesome job in The Answer, she's so creepy and menacing when being a hateful, lovesick yandere)

Yukari: Put your purse down, Sally. (I think this is if you say that you're scared about the ghost stories in June)

Yukari: Not caring is a form of bullying, too. (I'm not sure I agree that it's outright bullying, but it's a nice thought.)

Aigis: I will call you Minato-ninja.

Junpei: I wish the Typhoon was on our side. Maybe it could blow a ramen stand into a shadow and kill it in one hit! Wouldn't that be awesome?!

Akihiko: *insert everything awkward he says during Operation Babe Hunt here*

Yeah, there's not too many quotes that are coming to me. In general I enjoy dialogue from Mitsuru, Yukari, and Akihiko the most, though.

Anything else you'd like to add?: Just that I have no idea who people will vote me as. XD

Please link the links to the three members you voted on:
1. http://community.livejournal.com/gekkoukan_stamp/56243.html
2. http://community.livejournal.com/gekkoukan_stamp/55575.html
3. http://community.livejournal.com/gekkoukan_stamp/56703.html?view=413311#t413311
Raiko Kiritanishi_shi_rendan on August 2nd, 2011 06:09 am (UTC)
I gotta say, the beginning had me stumped, until around the middle part, I managed to narrow down some characters. Finally reaching the end, I'd say you're a Yukari
Paladiapaladia on August 7th, 2011 03:33 am (UTC)