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10 November 2009 @ 01:12 am
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Hey guys. Okay, let's be honest here. gekkoukan_stamp has been seriously dead lately.

One of the reasons is because... Well, we don't have any new themes. Would any of you guys like to suggest some? There are only a handful of themes out there but seriously, if you have any other suggestions please throw them our way. Feel free to comment here with your suggestions!!

Also, would anybody like to become a stamp maker? I've been busy with college applications so I haven't really gotten together with my fellow mod, finalmistake , to talk about this but I believe we need a new stamp maker. If we're going to have a new theme, we do need new stamps. So if anybody has time and is willing to donate it to the comm, please step right up! :D


Below is a list of members that still need votes. Some only need one vote or so to break the tie... So please vote. We've got some members waiting since AugustYay~!  :D  All the people below have been stamped!  Please don't forget to vote for any new entries though.  ^^



Thanks for reading all this. ^^ Hopefully we can get this comm up and running at full speed... again.

~ Casey! :D

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