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Gekkoukan Stamp

a Persona 3 Rating community

The Persona 3 Stamping Community
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The rating community for Persona 3 ~ Discover your P3 character, mirror-double, lover, and more!!!

under construction

1. Don't be a troll! No flaming nor spamming! Be polite and respectful!
2. You need to be apart of this community in order to post.
3. Application behind a lj-cut please! If you don't, you'll be warned and given a 48hr period to do so, otherwise your post WILL be deleted.
4. When writing your application please be honest with yourself and with those that are going to post. Don't write your application in order to get a specific character because then what's the point?
5. Please vote for other applications while you wait to be voted, remember the community will only move if you post! In order to make this work, you'll have to give us 3 links for your votes in you application. If you don't give us the links, you'll receive a warning and a period of 48hrs to correct it. If there's no one to vote for, please vote when there is.
6. You will be stamped after 5 votes. If after 2 weeks you don't get enough votes to be stamped, we (mods) will make a post to remind others that you're missing votes.

7. Bold your character vote or it won't count as one.
8. A reason for your vote would be lovely! And be honest with the votes, please, don't vote someone as a character just because it's their favorite and you two are childhood buddies.
9. Sheep-vote is frowned upon. Try to ignore others' votes when you make your decision. If you agree, perfect, if you don't, don't be afraid to say so.
11. So I know you read the rules. Tell us what happened to rule 10 in your subject line.
12. You can re-apply up to three times. To re-apply, insert "ReStamp: *name of the character you were previously stamped as*" in your subject line.
13. In the regular theme, you can only vote other members as characters that are relevant to the story. Social Links are not counted in this theme, since there is (or will be) a proper theme for those.


Dec. 2008 - Jan. 2009 :: ALL-THEMES
November 2008 :: MATCHMAKER
September 2008 :: MIRROR
August 2008 :: ARCANA

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