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29 October 2010 @ 10:28 pm

Name/Nickname: hilian
Age: 24
Gender: female

Likes:animals, sleeping, coffee, manga, anime, books, reading, writings, my cat
Dislikes:being stressed, intolerance,being bothered, liars,close-minded people, waiting
Pet Peeves/Fears: failure, losing the ones I love
Hobbies/Talents sports, books, videogames

Strong points:I like to think I'm quite adaptable but I'm not very open and adaptable when it comes to food! I'm passionate, confident and determined. I'm very open-minded and don't like to judge people,I'm fair with everyone,no matter who they are, and I believe in giving people a fair chance before judging them. I'm very loyal and I would never betray my friends/my family. I don't trust people easily but once I trust a person I stand by them even when the whole world goes against them.I have a strong sense of right and wrong.I'm curious, and I always get up and investigate. I love to see new things, learn something new and i actually seek out new challenges everyday. I think that without challenges life would be boring.
Weak points: Sometimes I can be so stubborn! Probably because I don't like being open to the possibility that I could be wrong and I'm not very good at changing my mind. Honestly, I hardly change my mind about something. I'm brash, blunt and I normally don't hold back when I express my feelings and my opinons.I have a very big amount of confidence and I can't decide if this is a good thing or not because sometimes I think I have too much

::This or that
Mature or Immature?: Immature but I have my mature moments
Leader or Follower?: Leader.
Outgoing or Shy?: Outgoing
Confident or Modest?: Confident
Optimistic, Pessimistic, and/or Realist?: Realistic
Low, medium, or high energy level?: High/Medium
Listener or Speaker?: Both
Impulsive or Cautious?: Impulsive
Playful or Serious?: Playful

:: Inside SEES
You were leading a very normal life until, all of a sudden, you find out about Shadows, Personas, the Dark Hour and the evokers! What is your reaction?: I'd be surprised but also very excited and happy
SEES explain to you how to evoke a Persona. How do you react?: I'd be happy about it even if I would probably be a bit skeptical at the beginning.
Would you join SEES? If so, what made you join them?: Yes. Because I want to be where the action is XD

Goals in life: I would really like to travel around the world.
Favorite quote & why: If life give you lemons, make lemonade

Anything else you'd like to add?: Thank you

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